Thursday, 14 May 2015

REVIEW: Blayne Flint - Angry, Young and Bored

'Angry, Young and Bored' is the first release from Yorkshire-based rockers Blayne Flint. Their debut EP is an awesome throwback to the 90s, taking influence from Pop-Punk giants such as Green Day and Blink-182. All 5 tracks sound exactly as Punk should - 3 lads just plugging in and playing, no over production, just guitar, bass, drums and vocals. As clear as it is that this is tribute from the 1990s Punk scene, it isn't just a band doing a Blink-182 impression. Frontman Myles Doran's vocals aren't just someone doing their best Tom Delonge voice - he sings in his native Yorkshire accent, which is welcomed in a band like this where the scene is dominated by Englishmen whining with a heavy American twang. Blayne Flint's sound also contains elements of bands such as Weezer, and even alt-rock legends Pixies.

Each track is a short burst of raw punk energy, each one having tinges of different punk bands - the opening riff from 'Major Charles' sounds like it's taken straight from a Sum 41 track; 'Oh Huhne, You Set Me Off' sounds like an early Green Day song - but the highlight is the track four, 'Virtuoso'. This track has a contagious chorus that you find yourself humming constantly throughout the day.

Overall, 'Angry, Young and Bored' is a great debut from the Yorkshireman, filled with catchy choruses and great feel-good Punk songs, and anyone who was a fan of Pop-Punk as a teen will definitely love it.

Stream 'Angry, Young and Bored' below:


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

LIVE: Fizzy Blood/Big Nothing/Simmer - Santiago Bar, Leeds, 9th May 2015

Fizzy Blood are one of Leeds' hottest new bands. Despite having formed just over a year ago, they have already performed at one of the world's biggest rock festivals, Download, and have shared the stage with punk icons The Dead Kennedy's on their most recent UK tour. Tonight, they play Leeds' finest rock bar, Santiago's. 

Opening the show is Cheshire Alt-Rockers Simmer, followed by Liverpudlian Grunge band Big Nothing. Both draw great influence from 1990's rock music - Simmer from Shoegazers such as Ride, Big Nothing more from the 'Bleach' era of Nirvana.

Fizzy Blood are yet to release their debut EP, 'Feast'', but a few of its tracks are already available to listen to online. One of these is the night's opener, 'Queen of Hearts', an ode to 'a perfect mess of dress and hair', a song filled to the brim with riffage. They continue to blitz through a set packed with beefy riffs and hard-hitting drums, boasting a sound so big they wouldn't sound out of place sharing a stage with any rock giants. Imagine a combination of Queens of the Stone Age, Pulled Apart by Horses and a smidgen of Arctic Monkeys, all tied together by frontman Benji Inkley's brilliant vocals, which are complimented perfectly by lead guitarist Paul Howells' harmonies.

As the set goes on, it soon becomes evident that Fizzy Blood are very credible songwriters, with no two songs sounding the same, each song surprising you as it showcases even more of their talent. They finish with 'January Sun', the lead track from their upcoming EP, which lulls you into a false sense of security with it's cowbell and clean vocals, before launching into a distorted onslaught on the ears, Inkley's vocal transforming into a bloodcurdling scream. The studio version is ruthless enough, but live, they somehow manage to play it with even more anger and aggression.

Fizzy Blood have a very bright future ahead of them. They have their own unique sound, and their energy when performing live is rivalled by few. Once their debut EP is released, Fizzy Blood are destined for great things.

View Fizzy Blood's new music video for January Sun below.